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InjuryCare delivers OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH SOLUTIONS and medical services to workplaces across the State.

At InjuryCare we understand the cost of workplace injury and illness to the company and the individual and help you improve productivity, achieve timely return-to-work outcomes and reduce workers compensation premiums by delivering effective preventative strategies with our complete care model.

As an action-based service provider, the InjuryCare team provide a comprehensive range of products and services for our clients and their workers which are focused on achieving outcomes.

We provide in clinic injury diagnosis, certification and treatment including wound care for work-related injuries. Your employees will have convenient access to a team of medical experts at multiple clinics to treat injuries. We welcome stakeholder engagement and return to work coordinators and encourage you to discuss suitable duties before leaving our clinic with a view to better monitor workplace injuries and improve return to activities of daily living and  return-to-work outcomes.

We offer tailored and industry specific pre-employment medical checks to assess risks which may harm potential employees from undertaking the work before they commence employment in a specific role.

Our skilled team provide on call emergency services outside of working hours as required to our registered VIP clients. We also offer coaching and training for frontline managers and supervisors in injury management to ensure workplace injuries are treated effectively and safely, and employees are able to return to work following a workplace injury.

Our medico legal arm has the capacity to undertake Whole Person Impairment (WPI) examinations and reports which assess if an injury has resulted in an impairment, whether the injury has reached maximum medical improvement and the extent of any permanent impairment.

Our team are experts in delivering both and on and off-site medical services in complex or challenging workplace environments  ranging from mines through to corporate offices.

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